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Homeschooling Approaches

​​Classical education depends on a three-part process of training the mind. 

Unit Studies

Unit studies are sometimes called thematic units or integrated studies. Unit studies usually use a hands-on approach for effective learning. 


​​...allowing children as much freedom to learn in the world, as their parents can comfortably bear. 


​​A little of this and a little of that...Eclectic homeschooling involves meshing many different philosophies into something that works for your family.  

Get Started

Homeschooling in Volusia County can be accomplished in several distinct ways: Homeschooling "under the county", using an umbrella school, or public charter school online.

Your Options

CHEC hosts a Yahoo group that serves as a place where homeschoolers can post about classes that are available, co-ops, used curriculum sales, play groups, field trips, evaluators and standardized testing, and questions and answers about homeschooling in the area.

Local Support
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Volusia County, FL

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