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Definitions and Helpful Info.

Homeschooling law in Florida allows parents the freedom to educate their own children. Follow these steps to maintain your status with the county as a legal homeschooler.


1) Submit a Letter of Intent to the County Superintendent of Schools when you begin homeschooling your child who will be six years or older by the month of February.


2) Have your child evaluated annually using a portfolio evaluation by a certified teacher, OR standardized test proctored by a certified teacher, OR psychologist evaluation. Send the results to the County Superintendent of Schools.


3) When you are finished homeschooling in the state of Florida, send a Letter of Termination to the County Superintendent of Schools.


Letter of Intent

A Letter of Intent must include the child’s name, Date of Birth, your address, phone number and the date you intend to begin homeschooling.​

Letter of Termination

If you decide to stop homeschooling, a  Letter of Termination should be submitted to the Superintendent of Schools within 30 days.​ Include the child’s name, birthdate, your address, phone number and the date you stopped or intend to stop homeschooling.

Address for Superintendent of Volusia County Schools 

Volusia County Schools

Home Education Department

P.O. Box 2118

200 N. Clara Ave.

Deland, FL 32721



Volusia County Schools' Home Education webPage

Homeschool Evaluators

Any teacher certified in the state of Florida is able to provide a homeschool evaluation. After reviewing the child's portfolio and log, and speaking with the child and parent, if the teacher is satisfied that the student is receiving reasonable homeschool guidance and instruction,  the teacher will provide a statement that the child is "progressing commensurate to his or her ability." This statement, signed by the teacher, is sent with the teacher's certification number to the Superintendent of Schools. The teacher usually charges a fee for the evaluation. The fee varies, but is usually around $30.


Some certified teachers are homeschooling their own children, or are experienced in evaluating homeschoolers. Talk to people in your local support group to see who they use for evaluations.

Christian Homeschooling Volusia county

Volusia County, FL

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